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Teamwork From Home

Launch Private Clouds For Customers/Teams With 70+ Secure Online Apps


Launch secure private app workspaces in the cloud.


Invite UNLIMITED guest users and control their access.

sandstorm apps


Publish websites, docs, forms, and more as an owner/ team.


Delete app workspaces when not needed.

Track Remote Team Productivity

Automatically track project work, absence, productivity, get insightful reports, and more.

desktime projects screen

Track Project Status In Real-time

Desktime tracks time spent on tasks in real-time and many other project variables.

desktime absence tracking

Track absence

Know how long team members spend away from work for vacations, leaves, etc.

Desktime taking screenshots

Take Screenshots

Track unproductive work during project time with proof.

Receive Online Payments

Online payment related services with easy and free signups



Receive payments using the world's most popular fund transfer wallet and payment gateway for global credit and debit cards.



Receive global payments via free local receiving bank accounts in customer countries direct to your bank account at low fees.



Indian payment gateway for individuals and businesses with multiple payment options and additional helpful merchant services.



Use your payment gateway account on payment pages without coding. Share page links on websites, email, social media, blog posts, and chats.

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