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broken https connection

GlobalSign Certificates Un-Trusted

GlobalSign Certificates Revoked

Users around the world have had trouble accessing some HTTPS-based websites due to a certificate revocation testing error at GlobalSign. Websites affected included those of the Financial Times, Guardian, Wikipedia, and Dropbox.

Most sites these days are installing SSL/TLS certificates to benefit from various options afforded by HTTPS connections. However, websites secured by GlobalSign had the opposite experience thanks to a goof-up by the Certificate Authority.

globalsign error shows wikipedia insecure

The Goof-up...

GlobalSign inadvertently triggered the revocation of its intermediary certificates while updating a special cross-certificate. The revocation of such a certificate was interpreted by some browsers and systems also as a revocation of the intermediate certificates that chained back to it. This broke the chain of trust and ultimately canceled SSL/TLS certificates issued to it's customers.

It could take until the beginning of next week for the accidentally revoked certificates to be corrected, leaving visitors unable to easily read their favorite webpages. Sales at affected e-commerce websites using GlobalSign SSL/TLS certificates will also be badly impacted.

Are you affected?

The problem will not hit everyone due to the wide range of caching and revocation policies employed by different browsers, apps and other software. If your mobile app or web browser hasn't picked up the revocation yet, it should be fine.

GlobalSign has released a full incident report to provide full disclosure on the Certificate Revocation Issue.

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