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iWebz.host Android mobile app launched

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Launched on Christmas day 2016, the team at iWebz℠ is happy to present to you our very first mobile app available for Android smartphones.

The Services tab in the app showcases all iWebz℠ services and acts as an interactive menu for information and service engagement.

The Updates tab is updated with the latest news & updates from iWebz℠ as they get posted on our blog.

The Contact tab lets you get in touch with the team at iWebz℠ for queries regarding any of our services.

To download the latest version of the iWebz.host Android mobile app on your smartphone scan the QR code shown above, or click the Download button in your mobile web browser.


NOTE: The iWebz.host Android mobile app is only available via the link above.


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Single Address For iWebz Web Hosting Services

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iWebz formally announces that it has launched iWebz.host to be a launchpad for customers with Web Hosting related requirements. This easy-to-remember domain name hosts a single page where the content displayed depends on the country of the visitor on the page.

Based on the country of origin of the visitor, the content and available services are determined automatically, and the visitor is shown the content and iWebz links relevant to them.

As with all iWebz services, iWebz.host has its own logo which will now be visible on all iWebz Web Hosting websites.