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One of the new generation of internet addresses, domain names ending in .fans are set to become an essential destination for consumer, music, sports and entertainment brands to help signpost quality content for fans online.

Research conducted by LightSpeed GMI on behalf of dotFans shows that when searching for content about the things they love, 30% of fans say they would be more likely to visit a web address ending with .fans over one ending with .com - a preference which will only increase further as .fans domains begin to be used more widely in coming months.

Why a .FANS domain name?

This unique & intuitive TLD creates a digital center for fans across all platforms to connect online – sharing experiences, discussing new or upcoming events, or putting together chat forums.

.FAN is perfect for any person encouraging a fan base, any fan trying to establish an unofficial fan website, or any business helping fans take part in the events they love.

The .fans domain extension is operated by dotFans which was awarded the rights to operate the Registry in 2014.

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gTLDs: Dumping The .COM


Banks, corporations and huge business entities are lapping up the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), switching from the legendary .COM.  Reliance Industries moved from .COM to its very own .JIO, the world’s 4th largest bank, BNP Paribas moved to .BNPPARIBAS and even the No. 1 bank in the United States, JP Morgan Chase is moving to .JPMORGAN.

Reliance plans to use up 200 second-level domains for different business & departments such as www.retail.jio, www.petroleum.jio etc. With huge entities like these who’ve spent billions building an empire & easily a few million more on these gTLDs, it’s hard to ignore the potential value in the new extensions.

Hollywood too, seems to be embracing the gTLDs with open arms. On our social media pages, we recently shared a news piece on The Hunger Games franchise who was the first in the industry to utilise the .MOVIE domain to launch their new websites www.TheHungerGames.movie. Music sensation, Lady Gaga also registered her website with a non-dot-com domain – www.BornThisWay.foundation.

Not only are industries, individuals & small & large businesses all moving to the gTLDs, but with the .COM domain names running out, the gTLDs may be the best bet. Late last year, Infibeam, an Indian e-commerce company launched the new gTLD, .OOO, probably a first for an eCommerce company in the world.

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