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G Suite launched – new, improved Google Apps for Work

G Suite is the new and improved Google Apps for Work

G Suite is now offered by iWebz

iWebz℠ is proud to bring you G Suite from Google Cloud at fantastic rates. This is an improved version of the Google Apps for Work program previously launched by Google. 

G Suite is a set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to connect the people in your company, no matter where in the world they are.

And why should you pay for G Suite when Google offers similar products for free? With G Suite, you get a number of additional business-grade services not included in the free consumer product, including:

  • Professional email @yourdomain,
  • Additional storage across Gmail and Drive,
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Outlook,
  • Enhanced security features, and
  • Full administration of all user accounts.

Teams can now efficiently communicate and seamlessly collaborate while on the go.

Efficiently Communicate

Now use Gmail with your own domain name with 30GB of ad-free inbox storage. This also includes spam protection and backups. It even has a mailing list feature with the option to set a moderator.

The Google Calendar in your account will also sync with Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts to auto-suggest & schedule the best meeting options.

The Hangouts feature lets you conduct video calls with anyone anywhere and even share screens without them having to download / install any plugin.

Seamlessly Collaborate

Using G Suite teams can effortlessly store or backup files on the Google Drive. Once stored these files can be easily shared with other team members with file-level permissions.

Teams can also work together on complex data calculations using Google's own machine intelligence via Google Sheets.

Google Docs lets team collaboratively edit documents in real-time without having to even be in the same room!

Why G Suite from Google Cloud

Help Your Team Work Smarter

G Suite for your organisation makes more sense at the price we offer.
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ownCloud File Sync & Share On Shared Hosting

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ownCloud has discontinued this option from June 2018. This article is retained here for historical purpose.

ownCloud Synced File Storage

Did you know that iWebz Shared Hosting plans let you setup your own private synced storage system just like Dropbox for your group of employees, friends or family members?


Now let them Access, Sync & Share data from their computers or mobile devices using ownCloud.

ownCloud on iWebz Shared Hosting

All our Shared Hosting plans provide for UNLIMITED storage & bandwidth, so all you need is a Shared Hosting account with us. Only ensure that the content of files stored are within our Acceptable Use Policy.

If you already have a Shared Hosting account with us, before you setup ownCloud via the Web Installer PHP script, make sure you have PHP 5.3 or above enabled, and allow Outgoing Connections via the Advanced tab in the Control Panel.

Installing ownCloud

With the PHP web installer script, ownCloud automatically creates everything you need, so you don’t need any special skills to get it set up. If you have multiple users who will access ownCloud, it’s recommended that you do not use SQLite, but use an existing or manually created MySQL database.

  1. Download and save the Web Installer PHP script to your computer.
    ownCloud has discontinued this option from June 2018.
  2. Upload the setup-owncloud.php file to your web space using the File Manager, or an FTP app or an FTP client browser extension.
  3. Enter the URL of the setup file into your web browser. It should something like http://www.yourdomainname.com/setup-owncloud.php
  4. Follow the basic onscreen instructions to install ownCloud. After a couple of minutes it’ll redirect you to the login page.
  5. Each user is presented with Desktop & Mobile client download options after logging into their web-based interface.


If you face any issues with setting up ownCloud on your iWebz Shared Hosting account, write in to us via this link