Promo: KVM Linux VPS at just $1.00 per month

KVM Linux VPS Limited-Time Offer

kvm linux bannerThe following Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) VPS configuration is available for just $1.00 per month!*

1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB storage, 300 GB bandwidth, 1 IP address

*The price is valid for the first 3 months. After that period, if you choose not to discontinue, the price is automatically set to $12.00 per month. Offer ends on 31st March 2017.

About KVM Linux VPS

The key difference between KVM-driven VPSs and almost all other kinds of VPSs is the server virtualization environment itself. With KVM, there’s absolutely no requirement for any supplementary virtualization software to be installed on the server. The indispensable software commands are engrafted straight into the host OS kernel itself instead.

This goes to say that you can select pretty much any Operating System that can run on the specific server. Do you need to run BSD on your virtual server? This can be done. Do you need to use Windows? No problem.

This vastly minimizes the system resources that the physical server needs to reserve in order to run extra applications and makes those resources in turn available to the virtual machines. The absence of an extra communication layer also slashes the I/O waiting time, efficiently making your virtual server run markedly faster.

As usual, each of the Linux KVM virtual private servers provided by iWebz Web Hosting comes preloaded with SSD hard disks rather than ordinary HDD hard drives. So nothing changes there.

The Linux KVM virtual private servers are loaded with a number of free bonus deals, that include a dedicated IP address for your site.

Currently these VPSs are only available at our U.S. data center at Steadfast/Chicago.

Get Your KVM Linux VPS

Learn more about this powerful VPS solution from our website. You can also visit the website and compare all plans online.

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Your own virtual private server will be configured in up to 60 minutes right after registration(select the KVM tab, then select the desired configuration/plan).