Let’s Encrypt SSLs enabled on our reseller hosting platform

let's encrypt logoSSL Certificates have become a must-have for websites since Google declared secure HTTPS connections a ranking factor and especially since the search engine giant voiced its intention to start flagging all non-HTTPS pages as insecure later in 2017 in a visible-to-the-Chrome-user manner.

The hype around SSLs has made SSL providers reconsider the pricing of certificates so as to make them more affordable to the wide public.

Meanwhile, a public-benefit authority called Let’s Encrypt aimed at providing an all-free HTTPS encryption solution to users was born in 2016.

Let’s Encrypt represents a free open certificate authority (CA), which provides website owners with digital certificates for enabling HTTPS (SSL/TLS).

Just like regular SSL certificates, Let’s Encrypt certificates offer basic SSL encryption, i.e. they give site visitors assurance that they are exchanging information with the domain that is visible in the address bar and that their personal data (login details, credit card information, etc.) cannot be eavesdropped.

If a site is using a Let’s Encrypt SSL, you will see https:// at the beginning of the URL in your browser’s address bar, along with a green padlock.

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates may, however, not be suitable for every website. Know more

To give our customers the benefit of this development we have enabled the setup and automated maintenance of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates in your iWebz Web Hosting control panel.

You can enable a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for any website whose domain is hosted in your iWebz Web Hosting account. Once your site loads over HTTPS, you need to redirect all HTTP URLs to their HTTPS counterparts. You can do that by adding a few lines of code in your .htaccess file.


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