Free SSL Post-Install Server Assessment ssllabs grade

Customers of getSSL by iWebz using the automated SSL certificate buying system now have a way of assessing how well they have setup their TLS/SSL certificate on their web server. We now provide the ability to use the Qualys SSL Labs server test from your getSSL Order Details page.

What is a server SSL test?

The server SSL test looks for incorrect SSL setup or weak encryption (ciphers) enabled on your web server. At the end of the test you will be presented with detailed results (see server SSL test results for with recommendations on how to rectify the identified issues, if any. Always target getting a grade of A+ or A. Anything lower means a risky web server SSL configuration.

Implment the recommendation and ensure your web server has the most secure setup with the TLS/SSL certificate you have purchased.

How can I use the server SSL test?

iWebz has provided a one-click server SSL test launcher link, on the Order Details page. Click the link to launch the SSL installation assessment for your SSL-secured hostname (web server). This server SSL check is absolutely free of cost to you as a customer. Run this test on-demand, unlimited number of times!

free ssl post install server assessment

Order Details page for an Active order with the server SSL test link enabled

In order to use this feature you need to complete the Domain Control Validation (DCV) check. Once you complete the validation, the order is marked Active, and the link will automatically be available as shown in the screenshot.

Updated April 18th, 2017: This link is now upgraded to run a multi-service full website security scan powered by Observatory by Mozilla. This also includes the previous server SSL test powered by Qualys SSL Labs. Now you can choose to consider only the SSL setup results or look at the complete security analysis of your website.