The Need For SSL Certificates

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Web Push Notifications

browser push notifications over HTTPS

Mobile & Desktop web push notifications are also enabled by a SSL Certificate

Currently browser push notifications are supported on Chrome (version 42 and above) & Firefox (version 44 and above) on the desktop, and the latest Opera for Android. On mobiles, the technology is available only on Android OS on Chrome.

Once setup you can reach your audience on their browser at a time of your choosing and send interest-based & personalised communications.

More Reasons To Install SSL Certificates

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Does your website load with HTTPS?

SSL certificates will help your websites gain an advantage over your competition by certifying they are more trusted & legitimate. SSL certificates ensure that sensitive data, like personal information, credit card details, etc. can be transmitted securely from web browsers to your servers.

SSL certificates are recommended for ANY website that requires customers to login or submit any details / data.

At the very minimum, you should use a SSL certificate on your server if you operate any of the following website types:

  • Banking & Insurance websites
  • E-commerce & Bill payment websites
  • Payment gateway services
  • Any website desiring PCI compliance
  • Social Networking websites
  • Web-based E-mail websites
  • Online File storage websites
  • HTTP Web API services


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Want to know more?

There are several types of SSL Certificates available, and features vary based on the type of certificate selected. You should choose the one that works for you. To know more about their types & features, click the button below.

SSL Certificate Types & Features